Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All New Me

The next story in the sexy "Me" series is in the works!

Hint: There just might be some sand involved...
Sandy toes and salty kisses

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This has been an emotional day for me as goaltender Evgeni Nabokov announced his retirement from the NHL today. 

Nabby is the reason I watched hockey, it's as simple as that. As you might already know, Nabby has influenced my writing considerably and I have dedicated many blog posts to him as well. I look back over the years and wonder if I would have even started writing about hockey players if it wasn't for him. In my first book, Home Ice, Ben's jersey number is 20 and there is even a chapter in the book called "The Number 20". The goaltender for my fictional team the Red Valley Razors--Alexandre "Sebby" Sebastien--is affectionately named after Nabby. (Eventually Sebby will get his own book and I hope to do justice to the feisty Russian and his vibrant personality.)

We will miss seeing Nabby between the pipes and making miraculous saves (and even scoring a goal of his own on occasion). I will miss being able to turn on a game and know without even looking at the name on the jersey if he was in net or not. Because underneath all the gear and the pads I could tell just by his goaltending style, body language and his crouch.

I wish Nabby all the best as he steps away from an incredible career and moves on to the next chapter in his life. Even though he didn't win a Cup, he is a champion in my mind all the same.

And he will always be my favorite Number 20.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Release Notifications

I've received several emails from readers and apparently the new release notifications from Amazon for Hockey Gods weren't emailed until this week!

As you can see from the email, Amazon sent the notifications out TWO MONTHS after the intitial release...
(What's really ironic is how it says "You won't want to miss this new book." Oops!)

How do you receive these emails in the first place? Well, readers have the option to "favorite" my author page on Amazon to receive notifications when a new book is released...

This is a great tool, but only if you don't mind learning about a "new" release until months later. (btw I have no control over these emails, they are sent directly from Amazon.)

Feel free to keep favorite-ing my page on Amazon, but I don't want you to miss out on all the hockey goodness coming your way. To make sure you are notified as soon as a new book comes out, please sign up for my newsletter here. (I only send them out when I have a new release, so you don't have to worry about me clogging up your inbox with unwanted emails.)

Thanks for spreading the word!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year ~ New Characters, Books and Ambitions

When each new year rolls around I'm always excited by the idea of a fresh start. Flipping to that new page on the calendar is a great time to finally accomplish all the things you've been putting off and/or to pursue new ambitions. I won't be entering 2015 by starting a new book, but by working on finishing one I already started before the holidays. This will be the fifth book in the Razors Ice series and the eighth (what?!) book I've written.

However, this book won't be completed without rolling over a few speed bumps first. Just when I start thinking I'm making some headway with my works in progress, a new idea hijacks my thoughts and I'm distracted with an entirely fresh idea for a new series. (Which is an awesome problem to have because it means more books for you!) That being said, I hope to be releasing books even more frequently this year (fingers crossed!) and in the years to follow.

There are also some big changes in the works for the Vaughn family this year--new house, new work schedule for hubby--and once we settle in I will be working like crazy to get some more books out to you. The Razors Ice series is far from coming to an end and I have many more exciting stories in store for you that may or may not involve hockey.

So, grab hold of the new year with both hands, give it a big smooch right on the lips, and then get out there and make those dreams happen!

Always yours,

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope you find everything you wished for
in your stocking and under the tree!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Featured Author Interview

In February 2012, I was honored to be chosen as the Featured Author of the Month on a little website called The Polka Dot Banner. The owner of the site, Dr. Jane Nixon White, interviewed me and we chatted about romance, hockey, and Nora Roberts. Jane has since moved on to pursue other interests and The Polka Dot Banner is no longer, but I saved the interview for you to read because I had so much fun doing it and it's nice to take a look back at when I was just starting out in my writing career. Enjoy!

Rachelle Vaughn's Passion? Romance!
Perfect for February and red-hot lovers of romance, we have this month's PDB Featured Author, Rachelle Vaughn. Take a few minutes to step into Rachelle's world of hockey, romance, and her thoughts on Nora Roberts.

1. Welcome, Rachelle Vaughn!  Congratulations for becoming the Polka Dot Banner's Featured Author of the Month!  Please share with us about your romance novel, Home Ice.

Thank you so much, Jane! Home Ice is a sweet hockey-themed romance novel about a regular girl whose life collides with a star hockey player’s. It’s a modern day fairytale with a twist because in this case, Cinderella can’t quite give in to the idea of Prince Charming coming in and rescuing her from all of her problems.

2. How did a California girl like you become such an avid fan of ice hockey?

Hockey first attracted me because it is such a fast-paced game. And once I actually attended a game in person and saw how thrilling it is, I was hooked!

3. I noticed in your blog profile that among your favorite books is "anything by Nora Roberts."  As she is one of my favorites as well (I have copies of all her books, some autographed), let me ask you what makes Nora special to you?

Ah, yes. Nora Roberts, the Wayne Gretzky of the writing world! Nora is inspirational not only from her impressive body of work, but because of her compelling characters and amazing attention to detail. The descriptiveness in her novels puts the reader right there with the characters. No matter the subject, Nora writes about it as if she’s lived and breathed it herself.

4. You participate with Authorgraph.  Please explain what it is and how it works, for those readers who are new to the concept.

Authorgraph lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans. With so many books being read electronically, it’s a great way to connect with readers.

5. Many writers take a while to settle on a particular genre (some of us never do!), but you've known since you were ten or twelve that you wanted to be a romance novelist.  What is it about romance writing that has satisfied your passion for writing this long?  (Please pardon the pun!)

I think most young girls secretly dream that their prince will someday ride in and sweep them off their feet. In the romance genre, I love how you can take two people from different or similar worlds, smash them together and see what happens. The possibilities for love are endless.

6. Many romance novels tend to have an obstacle that keeps the lovers apart.  How do you know when you've let the tension build enough, that it's time to resolve the issue and let the pair get together?  (It must be a difficult balance to lead the readers on, yet not lose them to frustration or even anger, asking, "How can he/she/they be so stupid?")

Sometimes I wish I could just let them be together from the beginning, but then there wouldn’t be much of a story! Only when the character has resolved or made peace with their own issues can they really be freed to give in to love and devote themselves to another person. Unfortunately not everyone is smart (and lucky!) in love.

7. Do you have any advice to share with authors who've never written romance, but are considering it?

It may sound cliché, but write what’s in your heart. If you really believe in something, whether it be a concept, subject or character, put your whole heart and soul into it. Sure, you might feel vulnerable and a bit exposed, but you can go to sleep at night knowing you gave it your all no matter what anyone else says about it.